Aasman, we love the Yukon! How can we help?


Our team has extensive experience in Canada’s North. Our tagline is "Chasing the unknown" and we live and breathe by it, always discovering and exploring new places around the world.

The surrounding natural beauty of the north is a recreational paradise, and we know how to capture that best. With our experience in film, photography and social media we are able to capture stunning visuals that translate well to online or television media. Have a look around our site, we've explored every part of Canada’s north and we would love to do it again for you. 

- Shayd Johnson, co-founder


Robin Leveille, Cinematographer & Editor with over 10 years of experience. Clients include Volvo Canada, Rocky Mountaineer, Sony, Lululemon to name a few. Primary role for this project would be D.O.P & Editor / colour grading.

Ben Giesbrecht, Cinematographer & Operator with over 7 years of experience. 2 time winner of the 72 filmmaker contest 2015/2017 at WSSF, clients include Arvin Goods, Langly Camera Bags, Destination BC. Primary role for this project would be Camera Operator and second shooter.

Nathan Martin, Production Manager & Photographer. Primary role would be overseeing production as well as production stills.

Shayd Johnson, Creative Director, photographer, drone pilot. 7 years of experience as a project manager and creative director for Cascadia Creative Group, Freelance photographer and influencer. 


Owned Equipment :

Camera Gear - The advantage of in-house production companies: RED Epic Dragon, RED-W,
RED Salty underwater housing, Ronin 2, DJi Inspire 2, FOC license, 3x Sony A7R III, Full Audio Kit, Full LED Lighting. Additional equipment available.

Outerwear - Our team is equipped with proper all-season clothing, including but not limited to down jackets, waterproof shells, toques, gloves, wool socks, boots, hiking shoes, snowboard jackets, helmets.

Survival Gear - We collectively own most camping gear, including backcountry tents, packs, cooking supplies, winter sleeping bags, sleeping pads.  

Vehicles - We collectively own 3 4x4 vehicles with good tires and 1 mobile studio trailer.

Canoe - Available

Snowboard / Ski gear - Available

If necessary we would require rentals for : Avalanche beacon rentals, Splitboard, rafting, PFD's, Scuba Gear. 

Recent Projects as Individuals:

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