The Digitized Adventurer:


Our story opens on a scenic scene of a camper lit up in Northern BC, A calm quiet area as the voice over starts:

"We tend to meet the right people at the right time sometimes. The great thing about technology now is that it's allowing easy communication and finding people with similar interests.  Wether you're into motorcycles, snowboarding, fashion, photography, or the outdoors, there's always an inviting group of individuals who are looking for more collaborators. The adventure community is like that. The inspiration that comes from social media is massive, you always hear about people doing great things and you get this sudden urge to meet and join them on their next adventure.  Whats fascinating to me about meeting people in this particular community is I get to learn much more about certain places and the way people utilize technology in certain remote locations.  I met Ben, Shayd and Nathaniel and instantly felt a connection that led us to form a collective. Together we work solely for companies that have an environmental stewardship program or a green initiative. The non-stop traveling led us to build a mobile studio that we could carry around on our travels as we drove around the country telling meaningful stories. "



Driving through BC, Stopping for lunch, interaction with the teaM and People that we meet. Engage with Local Culture & take part in various activities along the way.


VisualS: Describing the Mobile Studio, photos of the build process. Showing various SOLAR and Internet technology Utilized. 

"I found this 1964 Airstream Bambi on my way to Jasper, It was left there in a junkyard in serious disrepair. I knew right away this was the perfect little camper for our restoration. I spent 3 months working on it making sure this would power our computers, charge our cameras and sleep 4. It is entirely self contained and made to be powered off-grid. It utilizes the latest in solar energy technology and deep cycle power storage. The panel charges our onboard battery that distributes 2000 watts of pure sine wave powering 3 notebooks and a desktop computer all day long. We've taken it up mountain service roads and across the rockies. It's been a great tool for our off-grid workstation. While building I often consulted the solar power and energy storage community for advice and learning new wiring techniques. It's great to be able to consult many professionals and be able to find support no matter what field you may venture into. This is what I love about the online community."

"Technology has evolved so much it's allowed people not only to connect but to go further than before. Being able to deliver rough cuts and heavy photo libraries in very remote locations has always proved to be difficult and very time consuming. We live in an era of content on demand and the now factor is putting pressure on creators to deliver and turn around projects very quickly. With the increase in mobile internet speed, coverage and affordable off-grid solutions we were able to adapt to the fast paced workflows and changes in this industry to never miss a deadline. Our studio contains a desktop computer editing suite, notebooks, onboard USB ports, our internet stick for fast LTE connections and a satellite phone for emergencies. We're grateful that technology is now readily accessible to most and we're able to take advantage of it's simplicity. No longer are we tied down waiting for cameras and phones to charge, fears of getting lost and knowing where our friends are. It's a great time for technology innovations."

Visuals: Team working, editing videos and photos, drone flying over the mobile studio, charginG batteries. Sharing photos on social media. 


Visuals: smartphone photography, simplicity of drone operating, Google earth chart plotting showing 3D mountain topography.

"Social media and the new amazing cameras fitted into smartphones have created what is known as the"get outside movement." People are finding inspiration to leave the comfort of home to explore their own backyard, capture beautiful photography of their surroundings and share their findings through social media. We're lucky to have immense unexplored terrain and wilderness here in British Columbia. As the adventure community grows, more people will venture further into the backcountry to find their own hidden gem. These new platforms have been a great way for us to scout locations for future shoots and to share different ways to approach a location. A recently posted photo or drone video can give us an indication of the weather, GPS coordinates and general approach time and surrounding areas. It's a great time for innovation where technology not only allows us to keep working efficiently but allows us to collaborate with like-minded creatives and explorers to share knowledge that was previously unattainable by most."

"We hope to keep inspiring the next generation to get out and explore more of Canada as we continue to utilize and adapt to the ever changing rate of technology."