Hello Matt, We love Sony and we have a concept idea to help you and your team showcase your prosumer and consumer sony imaging products to the world. 

By exposing the creative industry in Vancouver & surrounding areas who use Sony products in unique and interesting ways. Our goal is to not only showcase different types of Sony products but to expose the range of applications that Sony products offers to everyday professionals. 



Shooting with the Sony F55, we will capture stunning 4k X-OCN cinematography of a variety of creatives who are incorporating Sony technology in their respective mediums. We will keep the look and feel similar to this collection of work we've produced over the years:




The Specifics

We have a great network of industry professionals here in Vancouver, BC (Videographers, Editors, Graphic artists, Musicians) featuring these artists using the Sony cameras, tablets, monitors and smartphones. We will create short documentary style video profile pieces on the technology people love and use featuring Sony's latest offerings. This would be a great opportunity to feature the latest gear and why these professionals choose Sony in this beautiful city.

Our first profile video from the series of individuals would feature a local creative team utilizing 7x A7S II cameras on a stabilized gimbal system documenting the scenic route up the famous Berg Lake Trail in Canada in full uncut 4K Virtual Reality. The project to document the full 21km trail would be an excellent avenue to display the capabilities of these cameras for VR work in the field and to document and interview the team's thoughts on why Sony was the best choice. (low power draw, high quality, excellent optics etc.) 

This reference video is the type of storytelling format we would love to use mixed with our cinematography look and feel.


We would be honoured to work together and we would love to hear your thoughts on our proposal.


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