Nextbit Robin

You've made a phone that pushes the boundaries. We want to put it in the hands of people who do the same.



Mobile technology has become exceedingly important in the outdoor industry. With programs for safety and navigation, photography, and a wide range of user specific applications cellphones are rewriting the gear list when it comes to adventure. We love that you've pushed the boundaries with the Robin, creating integrated cloud systems and the flexibility to expand software and networks. We want to be the bridge between Nextbit and the outdoor community. 


Social Campaigns

Our team boasts a collective following of over 250k Instagram followers and 40k Tumblr followers. We use these channels to create non-endemic advertising for our clients. We offer various packages with options to create branded posts for clients. We can also provide rich photo catalogues for your web, print and social needs.


Monument specializes in branded storytelling. Developing compelling narratives that your audience will want to talk about. We can deliver anything from a one minute social video to a fifteen minute piece about you and your brand.

Shooting with the RED and Lomo Anamorphic lenses is our setup of choice. We try to keep our look and feel similar to the body of work we've produced over the years. Our Lomo anamorphic lenses give a very unique wide-vista and organic look compared to the outdoor market's usual saturated feel.


In the age of ads that we live in, people are constantly inundated with product placements. As a result consumers view advertisements with apprehension and mistrust. We at Monument believe the only true way to effectively advertise in this climate is peer to peer. Any company can generate a glossy billboard, but when you take products off the shelf and place them amongst the consumers the true value of of that product becomes evident quickly by how it performs. We believe the Robin is a product that can perform and so we want to create a non-endemic advertising campaign to highlight how it pushes the boundaries every day.

We hope we've piqued your interest, and we want to keep talking about what a campaign could look like. Thanks for taking the time to hear our pitch. We hope to hear back from you soon.