Hello, K3


we met Kate Edinger in Revelstoke...

She told us about her experience in the region and her opportunity to visit different cat skiing operations all over BC. Her story of how she found K3 as a workplace struck a chord with our personal and work values. She told us how the family at K3 works hard throughout the year to find new lines and to always stride to offer new features for their customers. We understood why she picked K3 as an employer. Her smile and enthusiasm when talking about K3 was contagious and we want to help convey that passion to your consumers.

Here at Monument we tell meaningful stories of impact for companies that pride themselves on pushing boundaries. We'd love to tell the story of Kate and her search to find the top cat skiing operation in BC, translate her excitement to the world via video and social media and segue into the full story of K3. We want to show how this company came to be and to show what kind of work goes into an operation that offers some of the best terrain in the Revelstoke area and around the world. This film will invite a new client base to this hidden gem of an operation.