General Concept Overview:

Hello Andy and James,

Here is our concept for Episode 1 of “Goal Zero in The Field” with our pal “Levi Allen”

We have a great network of industry professionals here in Vancouver, BC (Videographers, Editors, Graphic artists, Musicians). We will create short documentary style video profile pieces featuring these artists using Goal Zero technology. This project is a great opportunity to show case the latest chargers and panels, highlighting why these professionals choose Goal Zero in the field.


Shooting with the RED and Lomo Anamorphic lenses as our combo of choice, we will keep the look and feel similar to the collection of work we've produced over the years. Our Lomo anamorphic lenses give a very unique wide-vista and organic look to the outdoor market's usual saturated feel.


Our idea for Episode 1.

Meet Levi Allen, an adventure filmmaker. Levi has produced the film "Untethered" about slacklining, a high risk sport where people cross valleys on a tightrope with no safety tether. The film has gained him a Vimeo Staff pick and a spot in the Banff Mountain Film Festival. He is now producing a TV series about the sport shooting here right now in Vancouver. 

 Levi currently uses the Yeti 150 and a boulder 30 solar panel as his tools of choice for charging his batteries, offloading his media, and charging his MacBook. A brief interview of his usage with the products and why this is a key to his workflow combined with some cutaway shots from his film would tie everything in perfectly.

This reference video is the type of storytelling format we would love to use mixed with our cinematography look and feel: