The Winds of Change.


Sailing the world.

I've been sailing since I was 9 years old, the power of the wind and the places it can take you are endless. This is the reason I still enjoy it today. Sailing brings a number of advantages over any type of travel choices. First, we are completely zero emissions and we strictly utilize wind and solar energy to keep us going. The great thing about sailing is the opportunity to get into very remote villages and communities few have ever visited. The idea to give solar to these communities came when I realized how easy it would be to bring along with us these panels and lights on our journeys. Having done many car and RV retrofits and solar installations, I'm not stranger when it comes to electrical and fabrication work. Giving light to local businesses, schools and clinics would make a world of a difference to these people living on these very remote islands. With your help we can make it happen.

About us and the initiative.

Being bilingual, (french and english) and having produced many television commercials, documentaries and various film web content, We have now been able to focus our skill and energy on creating content and marketing campaigns for select companies that have an environmental stewardship. Working with Canadian Solar would be a great opportunity to grow the "making a difference" campaign section of your website into an immersive media outlet to showcase your initiatives and latest technology via video.

The PLan.

We set off in our 40' 393 sailboat and sail south to Haiti and continue to Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique and Saint Lucia. The sailing journeys would be documented and the episodes would be edited onboard to be delivered as web-episodes. These 30-45 minute episodes would give information and knowledge on the area, the community and why the need for solar. Interviews with the locals and installation would be shown and how the new source of energy will be utilized in local schools, repair shops, community areas and clinics. The Maple solar system would be perfect for the individuals needing light and the larger units would be a perfect fit for the schools and clinics. 

We look forward to hearing your thought on our initiative and I hope we can work together towards a beneficial product for your website and inspire your future clients to choose Canadian Solar because of it's initiatives and giving back campaigns.

Thank you for taking the time to read our project proposal.

- Robin Leveille.