Emerald Sea Protection Society

We just wrapped up filming on a feature length documentary on lost fishing nets in the Salish Sea. This was a large production with many moving parts, interviews and hours of filming and the results will have to wait until the new year when the documentary will be aired nation-wide in Canada.

Here are a few stills from the shoot!


Telus Stories "DIY Clinic"


We had an opportunity to visit Gabriola Island and help Telus tell the story of how the community of Gabriola came together to build their very own medical clinic. We’re thankful for the hospitality and the warm welcome of these habitants who let us into their home to let us capture this great story. 


To read more about how Telus is bringing stories and information to Canadians visit the website at www.stories.telus.com 

Monument Launch Event

Thursday, March 3rd 2016 

Our team organized a launch party at 397 Alexander street in Vancouver and hosted a mix of clients, friends, family and other creatives for a party to celebrate the launch of Monument Creatives. 

We had displays of our photography, printed by ABC photo printing, slideshows of our demo reel & photography projects, music by Harvey Harvey and drinks from Postmark Brewing.

This event marked the official launch of our company and we are ready to accept new clients for film projects, photography & social media campaigns. Thanks to everyone who came out to the event and a special thanks to Josh for taking some pics!


Huckberry's Guide To The North

Story & Photos by Shayd Johnson

Canoeing the Mississippi River with  Sanborn Canoe co

Canoeing the Mississippi River with Sanborn Canoe co


When Huckberry invited me to join them on a trip to Minnesota, I was keen to say yes, but couldn't understand why they would choose that state to feature on their site. I am not the kind of person to turn down a travel opportunity, in fact I would gladly visit any state or city at least once, but I didn't think there would be much to see in the Northern mid-west state.

Although some of my predictions about the area were correct, I became more and more impressed with the pockets of urban culture that we discovered in and around Minneapolis. The Northern state is proving to be a hub for innovation, creativity & quality in a variety of boutiques & restaurants. 

To put it in perspective, the trends seem to be influenced by folks who grew up in the area that moved away to places like New York & LA to pursue higher paying creative jobs & returned to their hometown and were able to afford a brick and mortar building with character at a low price point. This push has led to places opening like Wilson & Willy's, a trendy and polished boutique with handmade goods that are designed above the shop. 

Wilson & Willy's ( Minneapolis, MN )

Wilson & Willy's ( Minneapolis, MN )

The owner has it set. He purchased the building in bare-bones condition, but saw the potential to build something epic, which he did. The building features an event space in the basement, his retail space on the main floor ( street level ), on the 2nd level he has an open concept office and design studio where he designs the garments and on the top level his living space, an open concept loft. What makes this building even more unique is a code-locked elevator that provides access to each floor. A dream place for me, I didn't want to leave...


John Mooty, owner of Wilson & Willy's.

John Mooty, owner of Wilson & Willy's.

To view the full guide, click the link below :

Journey : Figure Skater on a Mountain Lake

Last month, our team had the opportunity to work with Pilot & Producer Bradley Friesen on a fun video following a professional figure skater around a frozen lake at 6000 feet in the mountains. We were out on a shoot that day at a remote cabin on Pitt Lake when we received a text from Brad. We scoped out a landing spot on the beach and the next day he picked us up. We arrived at the frozen lake & the ice was thick and black, perfectly surrounded by snowy mountains and rugged landscape... 

Brad will be using the footage from the 2 drones, GoPro's & Our RED epic to create a video on his YouTube Channel